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Soft Soles Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care Tools

We use the Tuttnauer EZ 11 Autoclave to sterilize our foot care instruments. Instruments are received by our nurses pre-cleaned and dry in sealed containers. The tools are then inspected and processed in an ultrasonic cleaner, rinsed, dried, and oiled. 

Each instrument is identified by a Color Coded Strip to assure quick identification. 

The instruments are then carefully placed in a Class Four Multi Perimeter package and sealed. 

The packages are then ready for sterilization. 

Soft Soles Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care Autoclave

The autoclave machine on first use will have PCD (Process Control Device)  to test equipment and make sure it is working right. The PCD contains a Biological Indicator (BI) and a Chemical Indicator (CI).

The autoclave machine provides a print out after each process indicating time, temperature, and operator.

Each package is marked with the date and load number of the process.

They are only released for use once the BI has cleared its control test in the incubator.

For more information please refer to the Infection Prevention and Control Checklist 

available through the Public Health Unit.

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