Who We Are


Soft Soles is a dynamic holistic foot care company that provides medical and holistic nursing foot care.

Nurses who:

✔ Have Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Certificate

✔ Carry individual practice insurance

✔ Have memberships in good standing with their governing body

✔ Have their immunizations up-to-date

✔ Have current clear police screen for the vulnerable sector

✔ Are preferred patient care providers for Veterans Affairs

When you call Soft Soles for nursing care you know that you will receive individual packaged one time use sterile tools, The best practices in infection control, A holistic approach to care by a professional and knowledgeable nurse. Registered nurses are accountable to the College of Nurses of Ontario. They must update their knowledge and skills continually to ensure they meet established standards in all aspects of their practice and care.




Our Team



Michelle DeGrandmont, RPN, Founder




Michelle De Grandmont is a bilingual registered advanced diabetic foot care nurse with over 15 years of experience in the health care sector. Michelle is currently an instructor at Algonquin College, where she developed an innovative and highly successful advanced diabetic foot care program. Specializing in gerontology, acute care medicine, diabetes and holistic healing modalities, Michelle is also a frequent motivational speaker on best practice adherence in nursing foot care and The Education coordinator for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Michelle is also a member of the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario, the Canadian Association of Foot Care Nurses, the College of Nurses of Ontario. Michelle is the owner and operator of Soft Soles Advanced Diabetic Foot Care. Soft Soles takes a three-pronged approach to foot care by meeting the lower limb health care needs of communities, connecting individuals to local organizations and resources, and offering new foot care nurses employment opportunities, professional support and mentoring. Through the delivery of foot care clinics in the Ottawa Area, Soft Soles carries out its mandate to provide knowledge and tools to maintain and foster independence. The companies motto is “Knowledge is power. Empower yourself!” .

Michelle and her partner live on a hobby farm with their five boys in Dunrobin, Ontario.



Emily Rodney, RPN, Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurse




Emily has been providing compassionate care for the Ottawa community for twenty two years as a registered practical nurse. Focusing her specialties in the care of quadraplegics, stroke victims, brain injuries and palliative care. Emily has recently joined Soft Soles as a Certified Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurse. Soft Soles is excited to have such a passionate caregiver on our team.



Amber Lawford, RN, Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurse




Amber has been a Registered Nurse in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario since 1998. Specializing in acute care medicine, and community health, Amber brings a passion for teaching and administering care to clients in their home. Amber employs a holistic approach to each person she meets, enjoying teaching, sharing of stories, and forming quality relationships. Amber carries advanced diabetic foot care certification and provides excellent gold standard service to all of her clients.

Outside of nursing, Amber is an avid reader, quilter, scrapbooker, and a novice guitar player. She enjoy physical activities such as running, hiking with her dog, and staying active with her family. Communication skills and humor are the highlights of her personality.

“Nursing is a great privilege. I love seeing people in their homes, surrounded by the relics of their life, personal momentos, and family photographs. I feel a great connection and bond to the clients that welcome me into their home.”



Clara Provenzano, RPN, Advanced Diabetic Foot Care Nurse




Clara joins Soft Soles after having spent 8 years in health care and truly found her love for nursing while working in direct patient care for family physicians. Clara is passionate when it comes to preventative care and education. Specializing in care of the elderly and those with Diabetes. Discovering that many people need foot care, education in proper foot hygiene and the effect on their independence. Clara graduated with honors from The Algonquin College one year advanced diabetic foot care certificate program, Clara is an avid learner and is currently pursuing her Diabetes Educator Certificate Soft Soles is privileged to have such a committed nurse on our Team!



Join Our Team


Nurses are trained to be experts in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of diabetes. By working as a Soft Soles nurse you will become part of a team. Our goal is to share best practice guidelines with you, empowering you to provide the kind of care your clients deserve. You will have access to everything you need to give exceptional, compassionate care. The way nursing should be.

Nurses are in the best position to coordinate and address the mental, physical and social health needs of their clients. Soft Soles provides advice and education, above and beyond a casual health assessment. We are committed to helping each other grow and our clients prosper. Nurses maintain autonomous practices within the Soft Soles registry.

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